Monday, June 9, 2008

Of Mice and Men Symbol

In the book OF MIce and Men Steinbeck used many literary tools such as foreshadowing, motifs, themes, and symbols. Although he used many literary tools he used all of the above tools more than once. In this essay i will focus on a symbol from Of Mice and Men. The book had many different symbols. It would take a whole new book to explain all of the symbols in Of Mice and Men. I am solely focusing on the farm Candy. Lennie and George wanted to buy after they saved up enough money working on the Curly's father's farm. The Men just wanted to have their own and as they said " Live off the fat of the Land". The farm is symbolic because it could represent peace, the promise land, success, heaven, or even 40 acres and a mule.
To begin this, the farm could represent peace because they can go there and be uninterrupted by society. Peace which is a state of harmony or the absence of hostility.
40 acres and a mule is an essential symbol for this story. 40 acres and a mule was something promised to the slaves back in the day that only a few saw. Even though some slaves saw this, for the rest it was just an Mirage in the distance. George was working and looking after Lennie their whole friendship and I think the farm in George's mind was a prize visible but not obtainable because of Lennie's numerous foolish acts that he couldn't control.
Success is something the pair was after which could definitely be an important symbol. Success which is an accomplishment of a purpose is something that relates solely to the farm. The farm which was their final destination would have symbolized success.
In conclusion, the story had a variety of different symbols which could be expressed through an essay like this. If you read the book you might agree with me that peace, the promise land, success, heaven, or 40 acres an a mule are the top picks for symbols. After reading Of Mice and Men I gained knowledge about symbols. Now as I read other books in the future i will look for this literary tool.

Of Mice and Men themes

Of Mice and Men; The American Dream

“Fame, fortune, platinum records. It’s every boy’s dream!” (Viva La White Girl by GCH) When reading John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men I noticed the theme of having the ideal American Dream comes up more than once. A lot of the characters often wonder what life would be like if they had a family, fortune, and even fame.

First, there’s the idea of having a family. George, and Lennie are often seen as brothers, or even cousins as George once said, but they would seem more like a family if they had a permanent home. It’s George’s dream to buy his own little farm, for himself and Lennie. When reading this book, they even invited Candy to join them because of his old age. Lennie is obsessed with tending with the rabbits, and possibly getting his own dog. George on the other hand will have a garden and basically run things. With their money all put together they desire a better life for themselves.

Alongside the ideal of family, fortune is also a theme of this great novel. The boss, for example still makes money regardless of being in a depression. When readers first meet him, he comes off as “bossy” (well duh!) because George and Lennie are a day late, and he needed work to be done. George explains that the bus driver was too lazy to drive them all the way, but is interrupted when the boss tells him he doesn’t give a damn. The only thing the boss is good for, is giving food, shelter and pay (which isn’t all that good to be honest). His main priority is do the work, so you can make me money, no matter what it takes.

Fame, ahh yes, at times we all want it, believe it or not! A character in the book that probably wanted it more than anyone was in fact Curly’s wife. Being the only women on a ranch must get lonely at times, and all she wanted was someone to talk to. The guys see her as promiscuous, but in all honestly she just wanted a friend. She got a chance to have a friend when she talked to Lennie about her dreams. Lennie being the first person she ever told, she explained how she wanted to become a movie star, and a guy she met was going to make that happen. Being so na├»ve she believed him and it never happened. Because her dream of being a famous movie star never happened she’s stuck at a ranch being married to Curly, the jerk. Maybe if her dream could’ve come true, she may actually have an identity!

To wrap this all up, Of Mice and Men is a novel about the American Dream. If you like myself, hate being unable to pursue your goals and dreams in life I wouldn’t recommend this book to you. However, if you ever want to expand your horizons and read something very intelligent, read this book!

Of Mice and Men Motifs {Grade This Essay}

"Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don't belong no place. . . . With us it ain't like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don't have to sit in no bar room blowin' in our jack jus' because we got no place else to go. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us." One huge motif in Of Mice and Men is definately lonliness and companionship among the main characters.

To begin, Lennie and George are a great example of two people who have an special companionship with eachother. Mentioned time after time, they are so close they even look after eachother in the worst and best times. For example, Lennie was looking out for George when Crooks told him, what if something was to happen to George. Lennie thought that was unacceptable, and told Crooks, no, nothing is going to happen to George. George and Lennie travel everywhere togehter. In the book George sometimes acts as if he doesn't want Lennie around but I think that he just uses Lennie as an excuse for why he can't reach his own goals and live his own dreams. Basically whatI'm trying to say is that they depend on each other for everything. They act as a married couple if you will one body (Lennie's) and one mind (George's of course). When Lennie does something stupid and gets himself in trouble George could just leave him and let him get hisself killed or jailed but he doesn't. When Lennie's in trouble so is George and he always finds away out for the both of them. Lennie depends on George to take care of him and guide him in the right direction.

Next, there's Crook, the only negro on the ranch. Because he is black and the time period of the book is the racist, segregated 1930's, Crooks is not allowed to bunk with the white workers, and has his own little place.Although all the characters in Of Mice and men have a disability and experience discrimination and unfair treatement at times all the characters have someone else their for them except crooks. Crooks is the definition of lonely. Readers can see this, when Lennie comes in and visits him. He yells at Lennie and tells him since he isn't allowed in their bunk, he isn't allowed in his. Lennie's illness puzzles him, and Crooks takes advantage of him, by telling him George isn't always going to be around. Why does he do this? Well that saying must be true, misery does love company!

Curly's wife is another victim of the lonely disease. She herself said, all she wants is a friend and someone to talk to. Being the wife of the bosses son, all the men on the ranch stay away from her to stay out of trouble. To them she even comes off as promiscuous, but in reality she just needs a friend. She even talks to Lennie, who is just about the only one who doesn't mind talking to her. Talking to lennie and looking for Lennie is a sure sign of loneliness and desperation because everyone on the ranch knows Lennie is all messed up in the head. Because she cant talk to her egotistic husband or mean father in law she looks for companship in anyone who will give her time of day, even if it is a mentally ill person. When she talks tpo Lennie she pours out her deepest secrets that she never told anyone but Lennie. If that isn't a sign of true loneliness, I don't know what is.

Last but not least there's old Candy. Candy is extremely old, at the ranch they make him sweep and look after the chickens, while the younger and healthier guys do the "real work." In the beggining of the story Cnady has companionship in his dog his is much like himself, old and useless as viewed by the other men on the ranch. Due to the way Candy's dog is viewed he is killed (or rather puto ut of his misery by another guy on the ranch. As a result of the murder of Candy's dog Candy is all alone. As the story unfolds Candy develops a relationship with George. Lennie and George even agree to add Candy into their plan of buying that little farm they've always wanted.

In conclusion, Of Mice and Men is a novel filled of tons of things, and motifs being one of them. Unlike most books, there's more than one theme, symbol and even motif. A lot of the time you see and feel the emotions of loneliness and companionship amongst the characters.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Of Mice and Men Quiz

1. List two examples of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men?

a. After the killing of Candy's dog, Candy and George have a conversation. During the conversation Candy says that he regrets letting someone else kill his dog and that he should have done it himself. This conversation between George and Candy is foreshadowing. After Lennie kills Curly's wife Curly wants to kill lennie. George knows he has to kill Lennie before Curly does. The conversation between George and Candy is foreshadowing to this event.

a. After Lennie accidently kills his puppy you know that someone is also about to die at the hands of lennie by accident. Lennie then accidently kills Curly's wife.

2. Could Of Mice and men have taken place in a different setting and deliver the same message?

a. Yes Of Mice and Men could have taken place in many different settings and still delivered the many messages the book offers.

3. Can you infer, what happened after George shot Lennie?

a. George probably sat on the bank of that small river and cried. Although Lennie was sort of a Burden to George the two had been together for a long time. They both knew each others habits and loved and cared for each other. George was use to having Lennie around. The pair shared many memories some good and some bad but no matter the outcome they were together. George probably felt guilty about taking Lennie's life, but at the same time he'd rather live with the guilt of killing Lennie himself rather than a stranger killing his friend.

4. Have you ever found yourself being a human predator to someone in a worst state than you? ex. Curly, Crooks, or even Carlson

a. Yes I have found myself being a human predator to someone in a worst state than myself. I've actually found myself in that position more than once. But that was in the past I am now in a state to where as my maturity level is to high for me to act in that manner ever again.

5. Pretend you are a prosecutor what is Curly's motives for Killing Lennie?

A.Curly's motives for killing Lennie are all based on jealousy. Curly was jealous because he was a little weak man. Lennie on the other hand was strong and big. Curly had a stronger mind than Lennie but physically he was no match. Curly hated Lennie because he was a big strong man and he had always wished hisself to be that size which is why he wore high heeled cow boy boots. Curly was jealous of Lennie because he was a good and fast worker and also because he knew his wife had a crush on him. At the end all of the story Lennie kills Curlys wife which is the last strike causing Curly to kill lennie which is what he wanted to do ever since George and Curly came to the farm.

6. What do you need to make Candy?

A. 1. One spoon full of sadness
2. One cup of oldness
3. A pinch of grey
4. One tea spoon of guilt
5. One spoonful of hopefulness
After mixing all ingrideients and baking remove one hand.

7. What would be a different ending for Lennie?

A. I cannot really see a different ending for Lennnie except for Curly killing him instead of George. At first I was going to say that George could have put Lennie on a train with a note and the money they had saved up and sent him to stay with one of his friends. But then I realized George and lennie didn't have any friends. George definently couldn't have sent George anywhere they've previously had been because Lennie always did something bad forcing them to flee town.

8.Describe a character in Of Mice and Men and make a connection to them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

ms. thomas

My A.p biology experience was a class like no other. I learned a lot in this class and built a lot of skills. I can not actually say I learned a lot of biology information but I built a lot of self- confidence and work ethic.

Service learning Reflection 3

Today in Service Learning Ms. Klose started our meeting by reading us and email from a man who is trying to create a dvd, video, or t.v broadcasting about different groups participating in the Fundred Dollar Bill project. The man wants to feature us in his media he is producing about the project. I really didn't understand why Ms. Klose would agree to letting us be apart of his media when half of my group doesn't even understand what it is we are suppose to be doing. We have not been producing much of any work at all. The main people who stay focused and get work done is Korin Lassiter, Diamond, and I.

Service Learning

In our last meeting our goal was to create a power-point, write a letter, and research local printing companies. The only goal we completed was creating the power-point. Diamond and I completed this power-point. Everyone in my group was playing around and completely off task the entire time. Ms. Klose was taking pictures of us "working". Since we did not complete all of our goals I guess we will be doing the same-thing in our next meeting. All I have to do is add in the pictures Ms. Klose took during her trip and I will be complete. MAybe in our next meeting I will do some research or write a letter because I feel as though we are not getting anything complete and our project is going no where.